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New Member and Shamless Plug

Hi everybody!

I just found and joined this community.
As an intro to myself I will just say that I love music and singing whether it's opera, Broadway, or other though I'm not into Hip-Hop or Soul or Country, except the really old Country.
I am a singer though not a professional. I've had the training but I just do community shows whenever I can. Life, all that stuff, making a living to put a roof over my head, I'm sure some at least know what I'm talking about.

Anyway, I'm currently involved in a production of Jekyll & Hyde(I'm in the ensemble but my boyfriend has the lead) in Pacifica, California so I thought I would post something here in case there are people in the area who would like to come see it.

Show dates are:

September 30th through October 30th
Friday and Saturday night performances start at 8PM
Sunday matinees at 2PM

Adult tickets are $21
Student & Seniors are $18

You can call and make reservations at 650-359-8002 or go here:

I hope to be more involved in musical theatre than I have been in the past few years and I hope to enjoy being a part of this community
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